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The declaration of war power allows Congress to declare that a state of war already exists, not to start a new war.

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It is now time to examine whether the U.N. will continue on the same pathway, or whether the body is too old to re-establish based upon the original vision and purpose.

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As a story about a mentally disabled man, Knucklehead is ripe to be used as a point of advocacy for the mentally disabled in the Black community.

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The slogan for the 1868 Democratic Convention was, “This is a White man’s country – let a White man rule.” And really, not much has changed for that party.

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In Sin City, Hillary Clinton had no answers for her sins. In final presidential debate of the 2016 general election campaign, Donald Trump crushed Clinton.

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Myth Trivia explores little known facts from Nevada, Wyoming, North Dakota and Arizona

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"Bird dogging" is a dirty political trick used freely by the Clinton campaign, and the evidence is on videotape. But is it enough to sway any voters to Trump?

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Writer-director Bowman, and his co-writer Bryan Abrams craft an urban story about faith and struggle from a different perspective that is often overlooked by writers and directors of any color.

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Clinton has little to gain from the debate, while Trump has almost nothing left to lose; expect him to go at her with all that he has as he takes his last shot.

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Knucklehead, a film about a young man struggling with mental illness found its home on the film festival circuit, now makes its way into nationwide distribution.

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Wikileaks continues to reveal Clinton's obfuscations - this time its her health.