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Unless the law is mechanical, heartless, and ruthlessly efficient, some criminals will get off easy. It might make us furious, but the alternatives are worse.

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Did the Memphis Police hide a case of brutality?

Images Courtesy of Donald J. Trump -

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Is Donald Trump flip-flopping on illegal immigrants or recognizing that the Law and Order candidate will have to follow U.S. law?

Bill and Hillary Clinton - Screen Shot captured by CommDigiNews

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Defenders say that Clinton only met with deserving people for noble causes. If the game was good and the causes just, does it matter that people paid to play?

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Clinton campaign exec. Christina Reynolds thinks Breitbart is radical, bigoted, and should be destroyed. Rome is a poor model for American political campaigns.

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WASHINGTON, Aug. 24, 2016 — The mainstream media took a break from reporting that Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump is a racist and a...

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The November ballot is a wish list of liberal ideas. You have to wonder what the Rocky Mountain high state is smoking.

Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton - You Tube screen shot

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Woman in Saudi Arabia are still denied basic rights. If Clinton wins, Saudi Arabia will influence the White House. Will chief aide Huma Abedin be an influencer?

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Campus political correctness has alumni ceasing to support their alma maters.

Judical Watch: Huma Abadeen email.

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The Crown Prince of Bahrain couldn't get an audience with Hillary Clinton until he made a donation to the Clinton Foundation. Is this a problem for Clinton?